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There's this notion that to grow a business, you have to be ruthless.

But we know there's a better way to grow. One where what's good for the bottom line is also good for customers. We believe businesses can grow with a conscience, and succeed with a soul — and that they can do it with inbound. That's why we've created a team of 25 years of experience to help businesses grow better every day.


We provide Consultations, Implementation & Training


Visualize complex business issues simply and collaboratively. The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool. It allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business model.

Financial Projections

In order to get the attention of serious investors, it’s important to have realistic financial projections incorporated into your business plan. Projections can be a tricky business as you try to anticipate expenses while also predicting how quickly your business will grow.


Fundraising is key to the success of a startup but few founders are experts on raising capital. Raising capital is a core part of building a successful business. After all, having sufficient capital can mean the difference between success – a new product or expansion into a new market – or failure.


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Consultancy & Business performance check

$26 / 1 hr
  • 1 Hour
  • Provide Business Solutions
  • Tools, Docs & Hacks
  • Business performance check
  • Fundraising
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Starting Business

$260 / mo
  • 8 Hours
  • Provide Business Solutions
  • Tools, Docs & Hacks
  • Financial Solutions
  • Fundraising
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Building Pitch deck

$300 / mo
  • 4 Hours
  • Pitch deck design
  • Financial projections
  • Invesors Q&A
  • 5 investors contacts
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$390 / mo
  • 8 Hours
  • Access to +150 investors/VCs
  • Tools, Docs & Hacks
  • Financial Solutions
  • Fundraising
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What they are saying about us

Ibrahim has great knowledge of how to start/implementing a startup. He helped us in testing our idea to know if it fits the market with the lowest budget in the shortest time. He helped us also in framing our business model and revenue model, How to do the financial projection to validate the profitability of our idea and how and where to reach the investors/incubators to get investments.

Usama Atteya

CEO & CO-Founder of Ordarak

Ebrahem provided me with great insights on construction tech and the MENA ecosystem, he's sharp with incredible experience that he's always willing to share

Rowan Alawi

CEO of Amal

Ibrahim is wonderful to work with and has exceptional expertise in leadership, coaching, motivation, Also he has unbelievable experience in business management we worked together on a project called Ordarak he was the business consultant for this project I remember his creativity and the ideas which he had offered to achieve the business goals, in addition to he helped me a lot when I started to shift my career as a Front End Developer besides this Ibrahim helped me to get my first job in Ordarak, Finally we worked together to help many people to shift their careers to Web development field.

Ahmed Hussien

Team Leader

The advice, consultations, and resources given are to the point and saves you a lot of time especially it comes from a market expert.

Muhammad Ezzat

CEO of Fulltact

The Consultancy was more than perfect I had the opportunity to get very important informations about how i make my business grow

Ealam Haggag

Owner of EHM trading and contracting

The Consultancy was more than perfect I had the opportunity to get very important information about how i make my business grow

Muhammad Abu Elgheit

Founder & CEO at TechieMatter

Eng.Ibrahim is really the person your looking for, if you feel hazzy about your plan and your project , so i can really & honestly recommend Eng. Ibrahim to guid you through your startup business.

Mohamed Hossam

CTO at mazadent

Many definitions and concepts were novel for me, I started to use them in my business such as workbooks. Many important pieces of advice helped me in some tough times.

Yahia Zakaria

CEO Majaz

It was helpful, insightful, and eye opening. The practicality of the advice given was far more powerful than most of the popular business training you can get out there these days. It helped me on different levels; instead of considering every department on its own, it linked everything together so that the outcome contributed a whole lot better to the vision of the organization.

Moustafa Elbehairy

CEO Alex&Adam

Well Planner, Organized and great supporter.

Mohamed Nabil

CEO WideBot

Ibrahim has great knowledge about building startups from ideation, bringing the product-market fit, building a killer pitch deck. He learned all this experience first hand while building and growing his own company “Elmawkaa” and he’s always generous with sharing his knowledge with the community.

Mostafa Elnahawy

CEO Birdnest

After contact made with Ebrahim, things start to come really clear and he start to put our weakness very clear and visible to us by his analytical view of business, so I have to say it was very very worth it sessions that we go through.

Adel Ali

Product Designer & Co-founder Klnda

I really appreciate the time I spent with Ebrahem, he is resourceful and I learned a lot from him. He gave me answers for too many questions. Most importantly he was direct in answering the questions without any delay or unimport talks. Thank you Ebrahem.

Ismail Ameen

Coaching Meetup Founder

It was such a unique experience to be mentored by Ebrahem. he has such a great passion for mentoring, supporting, and sharing his extensive knowledge and experience with others. I'm very grateful for all the guidance and mentoring he gave to me and I'll be always coming back for more.

Mohamed Ali Yousef

CEO of ARCH.HOUSE Engineering Services

Ebrahim is one of the best consultants I've worked with. He is knowledgeable, professional, has great hands-on experience, and yet, he is humble. He saved us a lot of time while preparing for our investment seed round and he went with us beyond our expectations of the service he provides.

Moatasem Marzouk

Founder & CEO of On Market

EbEbrahim is a helpful mentor & consultant with easy to reach contacts to ask for help, the program he presents is well designed with logical steps, personally, the financial sessions that he gave to me are the most beneficial thing.

Mohamed Abbas

Founder & CEO of Elkheta.com

Who Behind

Ebrahem Anwar


Serial entrepreneur, 11 years of experience in business development,
CEO & Co-founder of Elmawkaa Company LLC one of the best-growing startups in the construction industry in Egypt.
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Diploma in Programming from ITI, "6 times founding team member, 5 times I participated in an accelerator and a business incubator, Mentor in three business incubators, Mentored over 100 startups, Twice the head of student activity",
I worked with several businesses as a Product and Growth Manager, providing training and consultation to support their growth.

Our Values

Know-How values are the central, underlying philosophies that guide our business and its employees.


Act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do.


Satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value, and service.


Respect our social and physical environment around the world.


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